Integrated Messaging and Navigation Platform

Automatically push voice-guided navigation instructions, call information, and messages directly from your dispatch system or the web.

Automated navigation with real-time traffic

Get vehicles on the road and to their destination faster by instantly and automatically pushing route guidance to the in-vehicle navigation devices. Consider the following delays that are routinely encountered with delivery or response based business – all of which can be reduced or removed using GPS Logic’s Messaging and Navigation platform.

  • Crew or driver notification – Call or job info is automatically sent to the vehicle, alleviating the hassle of relaying pertinent information over the phone or radio.
  • Directions – No more waiting to look up an address manually or enter it in the navigation unit. Directions are available with the push of a single button.
  • Incorrect destination – Prevent drivers from going to the wrong location resulting from mis-read or mis-keyed information.
  • Traffic congestion – Recapture valuable time by automatically routing vehicles around congestion.

With automated notifications and routing, users save not only on fuel and vehicle costs, but also on dispatch and management resources. Dispatchers are able to spend more time assisting customers, and less time managing drivers.

RescueNet Dispatch Integration

EMS users benefit from out of the box integration with RescueNet Dispatch. This allows the navigation unit to act as an MDT in receiving dispatch information, updating vehicle status, and providing navigation guidance to posts, pick up locations, and drop off destinations.

Anytime the vehicle’s destination changes, a new route is automatically sent to the vehicle whether it’s for a new post assignment or a change in the pick up or drop off
address. Because all other destinations are deleted, there’s no possibility of selecting
the wrong location.

Two-Way Messaging

Dispatchers are able to communicate with crews using free-form text messages. Confirmation of receipt indicates when messages were read or deleted by the driver.

With the ability to communicate in real-time using an e-mail like mechanism, dispatchers are able to focus on phones and provide superior customer service, while maintaining responsiveness with questions and requests from the field.

Vehicle Status

Drivers can update their status (i.e. Available, Enroute, Out of Service, etc) with the press of a button. Integrated computer-aided-dispatch systems such as Zoll Data’s RescueNet are automatically updated without dispatcher intervention for increased productivity.