Total Control with Actionable Information

This system gives you total control of your vehicle and employee assets while providing you actionable information. All information you need to manage your vehicle and employee assets is available to you using a single monitor or a dozen.

Manage Your Entire Fleet at a Glance

With a single glance, you can view every vehicle in your fleet, including location, speed, and direction of travel. With a single click, obtain data on a specific vehicle.

Garmin Interface

Communicate with your fleet in real-time using free form and canned text messages. Allow drivers to update their status using on-screen menus, and send navigation routes automatically from your dispatch system.

Unlimited History

Instantly recall unlimited historical data for any vehicle from anywhere in the world for any time period. Information includes speed, direction of travel, location and timestamps.

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Receive alerts via e-mail, text and onscreen pop-ups. Configure notifications for events including speeding, low battery voltage, PTO usage, low fuel level, etc.

Closest Vehicle

Instantly dispatch closest vehicle to service request.

Custom Data Overlay

Configure map overlays with almost any criteria you choose, including driver’s zones, preset fuel stops, delivery destinations and more.

Live Traffic

Overlay your vehicle locations with live traffic conditions. Route your drivers around traffic jams or road closures and watch how quickly your vehicle utilization increases.

Remote Control & Sensors

Unlock your doors from any Internet connection. Remotely monitor any vehicle function including the following:

  • bulletBattery Voltage
  • bulletPanic Alarm
  • bulletOil Pressure
  • bulletTemperature
  • bulletPTO Engagement
  • bulletFuel Level
  • bulletG-Force

Two-way Text Messaging

Interfaces directly with selected Garmin navigation units for two-way text messaging and directions from your dispatch.

Vehicle Status Monitoring & Reports

Receive critical data reports on your vehicles.