A Unique Solution

Large tow truck operator achieves immediate profits and eliminates unauthorized employee side jobs while increasing performance metrics

A GPS Logic client with one of the largest tow truck fleet operation in its state holds major contracts with the state highway patrol and a large insurance company. Its operations and service contracts cover a large geographical area and their contracts hold them to very strict response time requirements.

Their object was to meet its contract response time performance standards, and with some its larger tow vehicles costing a half million dollars each, keep their drivers productive while accumulating the least amount of mileage possible on their vehicles. The second objective was to eliminate any potential for cash side jobs by its drivers.

In addition to the suite of features of the GPS Logic system that began paying operational and financial dividends right away, we designed a PTO (power take off) feature that notified dispatch every time the tow truck’s lift was activated. This management solution was effective, and very simple for the client to implement. Not only could dispatch see the vehicle PTO alert on the screen in real time, but the GPS Logic system produces a daily log of the number of lift activations with time and location for a simple review to match the number of work orders turned with the daily report.


  • Eliminated unauthorized side jobs
  • Faster and more consistent response times
  • Able to assign closest vehicle and reduced vehicle mileage
  • Increased number of daily service calls with fewer tow trucks
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Able to give customer accurate ETA
  • Able to instantly route drivers with GPS logic’s proprietary
    Navigation message and routing interface