Keeping Produce Fresh

Multi state produce distributor guarantees fresh produce with unique temperature monitoring system while reducing transportation costs at the same time

A large fresh produce distributor with operations in the southwest United States sought improvements in fleet operating metrics, cost reductions in fuel and labor and to ensure constant temperature control for their large fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks.

GPS Logic designed a proprietary temperature monitoring system that allows dispatch and management personnel to instantly view the current temperature on any vehicle in the fleet, at any given time.

Not only does this system allow supervisors to view in real time when the temperature exceeds its parameters, it provides a window to take corrective action before the temperature reaches the point when damage begins to the fresh cargo. This early action feature prevents any loss and disruption of delivery to their customers – some of the best known markets, restaurants and casinos in the U.S.

And finally, the system logs the temperature every five seconds for review and maintained for any time period the user chooses. That information is tied to the vehicle for future reference.


  • Eliminated produce spoilage due to out of temperature range in trucks
  • Eliminated unauthorized driver stops
  • Faster and more consistent delivery schedules
  • Increased deliveries with fewer vehicles
  • Able to instantly reroute drivers to unscheduled deliveries with
    navigation, messaging and routing interface
  • Reduced overtime
  • Able to give customers accurate ETAs
  • Reduced fuel costs

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