Secure Mobile Broadband with GPS

With built-in VPN and optional WiFi, officers are free to work securely and untethered outside their vehicle

Use one device as the central hub for connecting data terminals, laptops, mapping clients, PDAs, or tablet PCs and iPads. With a built-in VPN, officers can remotely access computer aided dispatch (CAD) data, records management systems (RMS), or any other automated field reporting (AFR) system.

Encryption & Security

Save costs and simplify deployment and maintenance with integrated VPN support. Administrators can configure one or more IPSec tunnels for automatic encryption of all data including sensors, AVL/GPS and dispatch information, without the need to run additional software.

All traffic traversing your protected network is automatically encrypted and safeguarded using industry standard security protocols, all built into the hardware.

Hosted or In-House Application

Elect to host GPS Logic’s Fleet Management system on your own infrastructure, alleviating any security concerns. Or, simplify deployment and support with GPS Logic’s hosted service. Want to build your own solution, or don’t need a fleet management service? Use the Logic-5000 for enabling shared field connectivity using your own commercial cellular provider.