CAD Integrated Mobile Data and Tracking

See how the largest EMS companies in the U.S. are improving their Key Performance Indicators with this system

Advanced Wireless Telematics

GPS Logic’s fleet management application supports a wide variety of vehicle tracking devices, reducing implementation costs and easing deployment.


  • Increase UHU
  • Decrease Out Of Chute Time
  • Reduce Task Time
  • Increase Vehicle Availability
  • Reduce Response Time
  • Increase On Time Compliance


  • Incident Replay
  • Out of Area Indicators
  • Automated Routing
  • Two Way Messaging
  • CAD Integrated Status Updates

RescueNet Integration

GPS Logic seemlessly integrates with Zoll Data’s RescueNet Dispatch software giving you absolute control of your fleet. Our proprietary interface delivers real-time data to your CAD system for up to the second accuracy. With our CAD enhanced mapping, the challenges of managing your vehicles are eliminated by presenting information in an intuitive manner, displaying everything you need and nothing you don’t.

This powerful system maximizes the return on investment in your CAD system

Map Color-Coded by Unit Availability

Identify available vehicles at a glance based on icon color. Highly contrasted icons make unavailable units stand out from the others.

As vehicles are activated and deactivated, they are automatically added or removed from the map display for minimal clutter.

Dynamic Display of Posts

Posts are automatically added and removed from the map as vehicles are assigned to them, enabling dispatch to easily identity vehicles operating outside their designated areas.

User configurable circular zones establish the permitted posting radius around locations where vehicles are required to remain.

Accurate RescueNet Maps

With location information piped into RescueNet, your mapping module will show true vehicle locations, as opposed to last posting or destination location.
Watch your vehicles progress along their route at 5 second intervals from within RescueNet’s mapping module.

Vehicle Status Monitoring & Reports

Enable Candidate Rankings Module

By pushing position information into RescueNet in real-time, your candidate rankings window will now accurately sort vehicles according to distance from the pick-up location.